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Star Knowledge and Malvern National Services Partner In New Age Sharepoint Banking Solution Development

Pompano Beach, Florida – Monday, May 23, 2011 – Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team LLC a global software and solution services provider today announced a strategic partnership with Malvern National Services, LLC, a Pennsylvania-based consulting and technology services company to provide a new age SharePoint-centric banking solution platform as a cost-effective and risk reducing alternative to traditional legacy banking systems.

Star Knowledge offer innovative and cost effective customized software development and support services that assist organizations achieve their business goals and attain or maintain competitive market advantage. Through technology-based services and solutions, Star Knowledge enables customers to fully exploit their technology investments for rapid business transformation and success.

Malvern National Services, a cutting-edge consulting and technology services company focuses on working with financial institutions to improve profitability, mitigate risk and leverage technology assets. Malvern professionals are former Fortune 100 executives and senior managers who have previously managed lending, payments, credit, risk, IT and finance activities for leading global financial and consulting organizations.

Financial institutions are facing unprecedented opportunities and extreme pressures simultaneously! On one hand, current economy disorder, velocity of technological change and diffusion, along with economies of scale derived from recent consolidation has unlocked enormous growth opportunities. Conversely increasing global regulatory oversight, growing consumer demands for more effective and efficient service in all electronic modes, and the ostensibly steady need to shrink costs pose serious challenges to financial industry executives. Within this atmosphere and backdrop Malvern and Star Knowledge is undertaking a program to develop the Bankers Collaboration Workplace Platform ® (BCWP) based on Microsoft’s SharePoint set of technologies. The first release of BCWP will offer support for commercial lending activities and is scheduled for launch in the 3rd Q 2011.

Kevin M. O’Sullivan, Chairman of Star Knowledge stated – “Microsoft SharePoint’s unique capabilities are driving pervasive adoption throughout businesses that unquestionably will provide a significant impact on their bottom line. We believe that BCWP, based on Malvern’s rich and extensive banking experiences, financial institutions will have a clear alternative to out-of-date legacy systems and the right tool to renovate their financial services activities.”

”We view this strategic partnership as central to our goal of providing our valued clients with solutions that truly satisfy their needs. The vision of the Star Knowledge-Malvern Team is to be at the forefront of the software revolution that will change bank processing for generation to come.” stated Brian Blair, President of Malvern.


For additional information contact:

Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team
Kevin M. O’Sullivan
Phone: 954-903-0941

Star Knowledge Sales Center

Phone: 91-821-2413310

Malvern National Services
Brain Blair
Phone: 610-615-2901

About Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team, LLC

Star-Knowledge is a software services, and solutions provider that delivers high-value results to business and public sector organizations globally, ensuring a level of certainty and quality unrivaled in the industry. We offer a full spectrum of customized software development and support services and open source solutions, Microsoft, and emerging technology business solutions for replacement of legacy systems and introduction of additional mission-critical capabilities.

About Malvern National Services, LLC

Malvern National Services is a consulting and processing services company that is focused on working with clients to find incremental revenue and profit on the margin. We focus on areas of banking that can realize greater performance with less expense. Through association with proven solution providers, Malvern National Services provides innovative and cost-effective banking solutions that support commercial lending, credit risk management and enterprise risk management.


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