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Synergy: Mobile Devices and Knowledge Management


Traditionally, knowledge management (KM) in a business context focuses on offering organizations a pragmatic but formal approach to increase productivity, improve customer service and reduce human knowledge loss. Over the years, a library of KM ‘best practices’ have highlighted successful knowledge-focused implementations recognizable as both specialized standalone solutions and business systems embedded with KM functional components. However, these legacy applications, for the most part, have shown signs over the years of too narrow functional footprints, lack of real integration with enterprise-wide business systems, and weak and inflexible collaboration capabilities.

Current market intelligence reveals an outsized percentage of large and medium-sized companies nationwide still lack the capacity to supply employees real time access to corporate systems during their down time (scheduled and unscheduled) while working on company premises and offsite.

The hypothesis is that organizations generally amplify the intensity of their corporate operational and financial risk when employees are restricted by ‘location and time’ to access important information required to support mission-critical decisions. In the current economy where innovation and speed are critical strategic assets, the contours of industry are changing rapidly, demanding quicker, more insightful and effective decision-making during a 24-hour business cycle. To come to the point, the provision of employees with ‘any time access’ to vital corporate information and documents is viewed as a critical success factor (CSF) for maintaining or attaining competitive market or product advantage and market leadership.

KM & Mobile Context

A significant problem identified many decades ago during KM’s infancy was the seemingly lack of appropriate automation support to harvest and realize the full organizational knowledge-influenced value. The problem with a good number of KM solutions is that they require a focus on KM as a unique process or discipline. Unfortunately, it’s just not the way we work as our personal working activities usually involve being somewhat chaotic and unsystematic along with forgetting things.

Technology executives and bloggers alike recognize, appreciate, and believe that mobile devices provide a powerful new set of tools to extend the corporate reach beyond the traditional business boundaries of location and time based on the KM mobile synergy.

KM is re-emerging as a valuable approach to support the wide mass of mobile users who rely on these dynamic devices to support their business as well as personal decisions from the mundane to the complex.

Dynamic Mobile Environment

In recent years, smart phones have evolved from unsophisticated communication devices to powerful hand-held processors. Currently, they support mastery and recall a wide range of information that encases our work and social interactions. In 2009, for the first time ever, smart phones were reported to be used at a higher percentage for accessing and using content than for calls.

The integration of KM and mobile can accomplish two goals, that of making KM ubiquitous (moving away from the desktop) and that of making mobile computing useful (focusing on the user and assisting actively).

Currently, we are witnessing a rebirth of KM as a truly convenient and practical approach to personal KM with ‘widgets’ representing the new access points to fulfill our ‘just-in-time’ need for actionable information and knowledge. In summary, the intent of KM mobile is to enable people to do what they do best – access new and familiar situations and arrive at situational decisions in real time.

The Synergy

Knowledge in the mobile environment is created by transforming the traditional knowledge value chain into knowledge ecology. Each component within the ecology is interrelated with every other element endlessly. Knowledge creation and creativity resulting from regular use of knowledge ecology should differentiate the most innovative product development and service businesses of the future.

Within a strategic KM mobile view, organizations are involved in significant paradigm shifts from supporting sizeable investments in packaged and customized KM systems to mobile-based KM apps that make possible the real-time fusion of explicit information contained in situational mobile apps with the individual’s tacit knowledge resulting in faster and more successful decisions.

It is well understood that the best decisions are achieved by spending less time on information gathering and more on the thinking process (bringing together explicit knowledge and actionable information and combining with internal tacit knowledge).

A challenge for technology executives is keeping employees pro-actively informed of mission-critical and rapidly changing information all within a corporate control and information security approach. To address this need, companies are leveraging smart mobile devices to push critical information to employees in the field.

They send information updates (trigged by specific events or activities) to individuals and provide documents through e-mail alerts and text messages with a link to the downloadable document. Videos, presentations and audio clips are also distributed.

Given that mobile KM apps generally don’t require the employee universe to adjust their unique work habits or require significant learning curves to become proficient, they’re more likely to be accepted and used. This makes it easier for people with different roles and skill sets to use the same information in an assortment of contexts; while the same information is expected to be viewed by a larger number of people.

KM & Mobile Value Proposition

The key benefits generally realized from KM mobile use include:

• Increase relevant information and knowledge access for immediate decision-making by employees, customers, and partners.
• Facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among business groups
• Retain and enrich institutional knowledge as intellectual property
• Overcome organizational and geographical boundaries to conducting business
• Shorten cycle time for mission-critical processes thereby increasing employee productivity

In conclusion I will leave all with a favorite Peter F. Drucker quote – “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”


Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team LLC is Launched


The Knowledge Compass, Inc. and Starsoft-India establishes Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team, LLC, a global software services and solutions provider that delivers high-value and cost effective results to business and public sector organizations ensuring a level of certainty and quality unrivaled in the industry.

Pompano Beach, Florida – Monday, July 5, 2010 – The Knowledge Compass, Inc. and Starsoft-India of Mysore, India jointly announced the creation of Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team, LLC a global software services and solutions solution provider serving small and medium sized private enterprises and public sector organizations. The organization, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is directed by professionals with Fortune 100 experience and staffed with over 200 + years of accumulated academic and work experience engaged with complex and innovative customer and research projects.

Star Knowledge focuses on defining, designing, developing, and supporting high-quality and cost effective customized software development and support services that enable customers to accomplish their business requirements and attain or maintain their competitive market advantage. Our services and solutions support: Windows Applications, Web Applications, Java Applications, Open Source Applications, Mobile Applications and SharePoint Applications.

Kevin M. O’Sullivan Chairman of Star Knowledge stated – “Our key competitive advantage in a very crowded market is our robust and well-proven ‘best-practice’ centric project, quality, and development standards, methodologies, and tools that consolidate decades of multiple business and technical domain expertise and competencies within our customer projects”.

Star Knowledge offers a full spectrum of business solutions for replacement of legacy systems and introduction of additional mission-critical capabilities. It offers turn-key solutions with the provision of customizing technical services, plug-in functional application extensions, implementation, training, and support services. “To support our zero defect approach we employ more than 55 highly-qualified professionals dedicated to the provision of high value technical competencies with a ‘quality first’ attitude. Our employees are talented, enthusiastic and espouse the positive values that drive our organization.” stated Kalpesh V. Mehta, President and CEO of Star Knowledge.

Star Knowledge is proactively promoting its Alliance Partner Program designed for software vendors and industry consultants interested in augmenting or building a successful and sustainable software services business by using our technical services, solutions and resources to support their business strategy and model.

The Star-Knowledge Value Proposition incorporates the below key components:

       Recognized Microsoft Gold Partner & Intel Partner

       Highly competitive price list

       Best practice-centric project, quality and software development practices

       Highly experienced, educated and accredited technical resources

       Dedicated Project Governance Teams


For additional information contact:

Kevin M. O’Sullivan

Phone: 954-903-0941

Star Knowledge Sales Center (Mysore, India)

Phone: + 91-821-2413310

About Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team, LLC

Star-Knowledge is a software services, and solutions provider that delivers high-value results to business and public sector organizations globally, ensuring a level of certainty and quality unrivaled in the industry. We offer a full spectrum of customized software development and support services and open source solutions, Microsoft, and emerging technology business solutions for replacement of legacy systems and introduction of additional mission-critical capabilities.

About Starsoft-India

We are an IT solutions, consultancy and service provider focused on delivering affordable quality-based business and technical solutions to small, medium and large organizations worldwide. Our experienced business and technical team offer innovative tailor-made solutions to meet our client’s unique business and technical requirements in a demanding and competitive environment.

About The Knowledge Compass, Inc.

The Knowledge Compass, Inc. (TKCI) is a boutique knowledge-centric strategic consulting firm that since 1998 has helped Fortune-level clients create and implement growth strategies, improve productivity, control costs, reduce risk, and capitalize on technology. TKCI is a team of recognized, experienced and talented people, who are able to bring visionary thought leadership, industry best practices, and highly pragmatic solutions to our client engagements.


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